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Helping you get started

We’ve recently had a raft of enquiries from clients with relatively low budgets but a need to communicate their product or service more effectively. We wanted to help – and created a new starter pack for clients such as the few we’re going to mention below. We sorted out an old client in Craster Holidays […]

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Why creativity thrives in rural areas.

It is indeed true that most successful campaigns are launched from design agencies based in urban conurbations. Greater access to staff, a melting pot of ideas and an easier access to commerce. Yet sometimes , if you stop and look, you’ll see some great stuff coming out of rural locations. Not everything needs to be […]

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Why photography matters more than ever.

It’s a phrase we often here – “Surely my Iphone can do a similar job?” Aside from infuriating those who have spent years honing their craft, in the same way a plumber , joiner or accountant would, the answer goes deeper and effects your business more than you think. In a world where our brains […]

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Periphery, Editorial and Descent-World

We’re notorious for not practising as we preach. Keep on top of your blog, keep your content levels high and be relevant. Yes, well, ahem – We’ve been busy ok? All that aside, this summer has been one of serious graft for us here at Snap. We’ve not only taken on and developed the popular […]

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Hollywood to Hepscott

Over the last few months we’ve been following a pattern of working with established business’s to try and enhance their brand perception and let them take ownership of it. This tends to be a transitionary process for most, as in some cases they have been operating for a considerable amount of time. So we’re talking […]

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What we’ve been up to.

Aside from blowing our own trumpet, we’ve actually had some real work to be getting on with. Amongst projects of note, we keep getting asked about our involvement with the Collingwood Arms, one of the regions top hotels and restaurants. As has been the way with most of our work, our friends at Barmoor Castle […]

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Our photographers here at Snap Collaborative

As some of you may, or may not know we have a couple of photographers here at Snap. Both Craig and Tommy are known for providing some cracking imagery to commercial clients – but of very different nature.

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The dynamics of a rural marketing consultancy

In an environment as sparse as the relative wilds of Northumberland, you might be surprised to encounter marketing consultancies operating at the sharper end of the market. This thought pattern isn’t without merit; Sparser population = less business and trade = less demand.

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Corporate and social responsibility

We’ll be honest – it was a spicy debate as to weather we should voice our beliefs on such a polarising matter that carries more nuances than many people would have you believe. Opinions can be divisive so we try not to express them too often. Look at poor Andy Murray – a man who […]

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