What we do

We are a integrated marketing and communication agency. That means we provide a full service from social media management, website development, photography, video and print production, and a whole lot more.

We also make sure that your brand is seen in the right place, at the right time, by the people who matter. We increase your brand visibility.

Its simple really; Your ideas + our expertise = Successful outcomes and tangible results .

Call us on 01665 799419 or Email hello@snapcollaborative.com

Who we’ve worked with

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What we enjoy

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The written word

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Used in conjunction with eye capturing creative, outstanding photography and a deal of emotion the word is a powerful beast.
It can also be used to provide some light humour to your day, stimulate conversation and engage audiences. Long live the pen and the quill.
Helping you get started

We’ve recently had a raft of enquiries from clients with relatively low budgets but a need to communicate their product or service more effectively. We wanted to help – and created a new starter pack for clients such as the few we’re going to mention below. We sorted out an old client in Craster Holidays […]

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Why creativity thrives in rural areas.

It is indeed true that most successful campaigns are launched from design agencies based in urban conurbations. Greater access to staff, a melting pot of ideas and an easier access to commerce. Yet sometimes , if you stop and look, you’ll see some great stuff coming out of rural locations. Not everything needs to be […]

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Why photography matters more than ever.

It’s a phrase we often here – “Surely my Iphone can do a similar job?” Aside from infuriating those who have spent years honing their craft, in the same way a plumber , joiner or accountant would, the answer goes deeper and effects your business more than you think. In a world where our brains […]

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Create no waste
Create no waste

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As you’ve probably guessed, we are pretty passionate about the outdoors here at Snap Collaborative. Tommy used to race his mountain bike all over the globe and still keeps a presence on the scene with amusing commentary and some stunning photography. Craig is fast becoming one the outstanding landscape photographers in the UK. If you visit his Petite D’amour website you’ll see where we are coming from. Oli spent two years living in Tea Anau in New Zealand’s outrageously beautiful Fjord Land.Why is this of any importance?

You see, we believe in creating as little waste as possible because we love the outdoor environment.

It allows us the playgrounds to chase our passions and can inspire, mesmerise and remind us of what we can, and can’t, achieve as humans.

We aren’t crusaders.

We don’t for one second advocate stopping living in the way we do. Air travel has opened new opportunities to see the world with ease. Cars are an invaluable part of our existence. Oil currently allows us to turn the lights on at home.

But waste is killing these environments, and on a more selfish level, playgrounds.

What we do believe in is doing MORE.Our friend Seb Kemp from Ikam Mag, recently published a short but powerful article on our over-excessive use of straws. Sure, it’s a trending topic but do we really need to be using 6 billion straws a day? If these straws end up in the ocean and are inadvertently consumed by fish – well, does that mean plastic is entering the food chain? It’s far more complex than this simplistic paragraphs suggests but we should be mindful.

We have the tools at our disposal to make recyclable bags, straws and packaging. These are just some examples of what we can do.

Next time you take the car down the shops – why not think about walking. Look around you. Take it in. Enjoy it.

We are doing our best here at Snap to offset what we consume and preserve our playground.

Everyones interests are personal and so is the exercise to limit waste.

Do what you can.

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Tommy, Snap Collaborative

Tommy Wilkinson

Tommy is the Snap Collaborative “instigator” – Founder doesn’t quite work here.

He’s packed a lot into his mid-to-late twenty-something years. Starting out at one of the North Easts best agencies ( There were other jobs before this – including a graduate scheme at a window manufacturer ), before running the successful Chunky Orange design house for 5 years then taking the head marketing role at The Alnwick Garden.

Tommy now focusses on delivering strategic guidance to clients, creative direction on all projects, and ensuring everything is kept on track.

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Craig, Snap Collaborative

Craig Richards

What can we say? Craig makes digital output beautiful, functional and commercially viable.

With 15 years experience of html, css, java, asp and the rare ability to combine creative visuals with development, Craig is a key asset to most marketing strategies and campaigns we produce.

There’s more too.

Craig’s landscape and portrait photography are gaining national acclaim – take a look here – petitedamourphotography

Oli, Snap Collaborative

Oli Sutheran

Our Social Media man. A keen purveyor of anything Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + – We could go on, Oli has ran some outstanding campaigns.

With a strong track record in the tourism industry thanks his time at the acclaimed St Cuthbert’s House, Oli has transferred his ability to communicate, engage and begin conversations.

Oli can often be found cooking up some fabulous dishes in the kitchen or enjoying a game of rugby in the boiler room of the second row

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